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About Us

A world where more drugs are becoming increasingly common and easier for children to access is a scary place for a parent to be. The information contained in this site is a comprehensive guide for parents with younger children and teenagers. It covers the most common drugs available, placing a great emphasis on how to keep the lines of communication open with our children, because we believe that maintaining a strong, stable, caring and mature relationship and environment for our children is the best way to prepare them for the challenges they face outside the home.

The number of drugs and frequency of their use is changing regularly for our children so it is extremely important for parents to equip themselves with up to date knowledge. The information in this guide is comprehensive and perhaps overwhelming, but you will find that you will call upon what you have read when you hear your children speak about drugs or are viewing, listening to or reading drug references in the media. This will put you in a better position to discuss drugs with your children. When you have questions or are confused about drug related issues, this site can act as a good reference.

Of particular use is the list of government and non-government contacts we have provided should you need more specific information, discussion or support regarding any issues you may have in a confidential manner. You have nothing to lose by contacting one of these bodies and discussing your concerns and finding help should problems arise. For more details on services & support >>