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A Guide to Alcohol

Alcohol is defined by Webster as "the substance in fermented or distilled drinks that can make one drunk". Alcoholic drinks are enjoyed by millions, but alcohol is also a substance that is abused by many. When used responsibly, alcohol is consumed in small amounts in a social setting. When abused, alcohol causes addiction, accidents, and death.

The best way to avoid alcohol dependence is to only drink responsibly in the first place. However, treatment is available and effective for those whose lives are controlled by alcoholism and who want to be sober.

Alcohol Articles

  • How Can I Help an Alcoholic Family Member or Friend?
    If you are ready to stop enabling the alcoholic in your life and get them into treatment, consider the following steps: Remove the secrecy, offer help, get help for yourself.
  • How to Stop Drinking Alcohol
    Once a person is physically dependent on alcohol, everything in their life is affected. The following are tips that are often helpful for someone wanting to stop drinking.
  • Do I Have a Drinking Problem?
    Alcoholics cannot go more than a few hours or days without drinking. In order to determine if you are an alcoholic, answer the following questions;
  • How to Stop Binge Drinking
    Binge drinking is a problem mainly among teens and young adults. It is a form of alcohol abuse, and technically refers to consuming more then four or five drinks in a short amount of time.