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Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction

A relatively new method for treating individuals with drug addiction is to use a holistic approach. This type of treatment focuses on the entire individual - body, mind, and spirit - in order to heal all aspects of their life in a natural way. Holistic treatment helps individuals take control of their lives and develop a balanced existence that does not rely on drugs or any harmful substances to function.

Sometimes when an individual seeks treatment for a drug addiction, they have underlying issues that go untreated with regular therapy. The result of this is that the person often relapses once they get back to their regular life, because the reasons for drug abuse are still present. It is imperative that every aspect of a person is evaluated and healed if necessary.

Drug Free Treatment

Holistic rehab does not rely on medication or artificial methods to remove drugs from the body or to lessen withdrawal symptoms. Instead, vitamins, good nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, and sauna therapy are used to cleanse the body. Because holistic treatment focuses on the entire individual, this treatment will purge drugs from the entire body and allow the patient to begin with a clean slate.

Once an individual has cleansed their body of drugs and other toxins, treatment for the mind and spirit can begin. In holistic rehab this happens in a number of ways, including traditional therapy, meditation, and prayer. By removing toxins from the body and also healing the mind and spirit, holistic rehab helps patients avoid relapse and a craving for their drug.

Alternative Treatment

Instead of simply following a disease model for recovery, holistic drug treatment programs look to empower drug addicts and help them redesign their life to accommodate and encourage sobriety. Individuals in holistic therapy may take part in counseling sessions to learn strategies for sober living, but they will also actively work towards sobriety on their own. Learning how to make healthy meals, taking part in yoga exercises, and making time for meditation and spiritual recovery are all ways holistic rehab patients refocus their lives. Holistic recovery also makes use of nature-based therapy, such as adventure therapy, or a facility located in the majestic mountains or near the beautiful ocean to help instill a feeling of calm and relaxation among patients.

Holistic treatment may not be for everyone, but it does offer hope when other methods fail. It is ineffective to heal one aspect of a person's life when other areas are out of control. Advocates of holistic treatment believe that the body and mind can heal completely over time, and an individual must find the healing that is best for them, and then incorporate it into their everyday life. Individuals must learn how to change their life to be drug free and also how to manage the stress and triggers that are bound to creep up in real life. Simply detoxifying someone's body from toxins is not enough; they must develop the tools needed to stay sober. With holistic treatment, an individual learns and practices how to live a balanced life; one that does not involve substances.