Luxury and glamour are once again in fashion and a great way to add some of both into your home is with Wallpaper. To help you choose wallpaper that contains classic elements of the Deco style, I have come up with a list of the main characteristics you should look for….

1. Geometric Patterns
Sunbursts, zig-zags, chevrons, sweeping curves and other very angular geometric patterns are typical motifs. Egyptian patterns like pyramids and hieroglyphics were also incredibly popular. Look for wallpaper that contains sharp, angular shapes.

2. Bold & Bright
During the Roaring Twenties the economy was flourishing and the future seemed bright. And so were the interiors! People began incorporating dazzling, happy, energetic colours to match the optimistic mood of the times. Some of the most popular colours were: emerald green, canary yellow, amethyst, peacock blue, and brilliant red.

3. Wall Murals
I’m not a huge fan of wall murals, but it might be a whimsical way to bring in some 20’s style into your interior. The key is to pick a design that is instantly associated with Deco. Some classic examples are: The Chrysler Building, Metropolis, Cinema, Flappers.

4. Black & White
A classic colour combination is black and white. Whether it’s checkers or stripes, a black and white wallpaper will definitely transform a boring, drab room into a glamorous Deco den.

5. Metallics

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